1. What is chiropractic?

The chiropractic health profession aims to recover and maintain health using a natural and holistic approach. It diagnoses, treats, and prevents problems related to the structure and movement of the joints of your body (especially the spine and the pelvis) in relation to your muscles and nervous system.

2. What is a chiropractic treatment?

Adjustments are specific manipulations generally applied with the hands. They promote joint mobility and reduce inflammation and tension in the treated area. The adjustments also stimulate and balance the nervous system, thus helping the body to achieve optimal healing. At the Clinique chiropratique Synergie, we use pain free techniques customized for each patient.

3. Is chiropractic care recognized and effective?

Six separate government researches conducted in several countries have confirmed that chiropractic manipulation is one of the most effective and safe treatments. Only chiropractors are competent and legally permitted to make adjustments. A survey conducted by ECHO Sondage concluded that 93% of patients found chiropractic care effective and 95% of these would gladly recommend their chiropractors. Approximately 840,000 Quebecois consult chiropractors each year.

4. How to become a chiropractor?

The chiropractic curriculum is a five-year intensive doctorate program. The training is very rigorous and emphasizes topics such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, neurology, orthopedics, kinesiology, nutrition, ergonomics, radiology, and many more. Furthermore, the program includes a 1.5 year internship at the University Clinic. The program is offered at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières (http://www.uqtr.ca/Departement/chiro.shtml) and in Toronto.

5. What are the fees?

Each visit or treatment : $45 for adults
$40 for people 65 years and older
$30 for children and full-time students

The cost of the first examination varies according to number of X-Rays needed, depending on the condition of each person.

How many treatments are required? This also depends on the problem and its level of acuteness. However, generally, patients feel a difference after three to six visits. Most private insurance plans, SAAQ, and CSST reimburse chiropractic care. We also accept cash, cheques.

6. Who can benefit from chiropractic?

Chiropractic applies to people of all ages. Even in the absence of symptoms, it is very beneficial to have your spine checked so as to avoid long-term consequences. A properly functioning vertebral column will go a long way in diminishing and preventing degenerating effects on your joints. Over time, chiropractic care is particularly recommended for:

  • People who have suffered any sort of physical trauma such as a car accident, sports injury or work injury.
  • People who have bad posture or have bad ergonomic positions at work
  • People who sleep on their stomach
  • People who have already suffered from arthrosis or arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, headache, whiplash, tight muscles and back pain.
  • Pregnant women
  • Children with recurring ear infections, colic or psychomotor development problems
  • Any older person who suddenly notices a change in balance, memory, or concentration subsequent to a fall or trauma

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